Learning is all about change, and change is what drives lifelong learning. When we become resistant to change or resistant to learning new things, our brains – and sometimes our lives – become stagnant and dull. Sparking curiosity and discussion is what keeps our brains active, and keeps our lives engaged with others.

Although many of us would like the world to be about “the good old days,” we live in the 21st century, where it seems everything has changed. We have smart phones, iPads, text messages, and we read news and books on a screen.

While this can seem overwhelming, at ALLE Learning™, we use evolving changes to our advantage and for the advantage of the residents who take part in our curriculum for active seniors. Instead of dwelling solely on the past, our programs bring residents together and introduce new 21st century topics in the context of their lives.

America just landed on Mars – did you share that experience with your residents? Are you following the progress made by the Perseverance rover and drone on Mars with your community of curious residents?

Did you have a session where residents were able to recall where they were on July 20, 1969, when America first landed on the moon? We imagine many of your residents were there for both of these historical events. That’s shared history, shared experience, shared knowledge – that’s what makes the curriculum from ALLE Learning™ so engaging. It brings together residents with shared experiences and discussions about what is happening now.

Other topics that bring about excitement and enthusiasm could be about autonomous cars and the evolution of the automobile from the Model T to these new innovations. Or maybe the topic of the week is the underwater, floating tunnel Norway is building to connect hundreds of small islands in the Scandinavian country.

The good news about lifelong learning is that we’ll never run out of information, innovation, and new things to learn about and discuss. As we move forward with innovations and change, ALLE Learning™ will be delivering classes that discuss these topics and more.

Learn more about the curriculum options offered to senior community centers by visiting Phoenix-based ALLE Learning™ at www.alle-learning.com, emailing us info@alle-learning.com, or calling us at (800) 990-9806. Learn about our related companies that focus on community-based memory care, EngAGE EnCOURAGE,™ or our home-based classes for caregivers, Engaging at Home.