21st Century Programming

Better Brain Health through Lifelong Learning™

Learning begins with enthusiasm. The number one question senior living residents ask is, “How do I achieve better brain health & avoid cognitive decline?” We provide learning opportunities that enable people to make decisions and create personal plans for healthy living.
Classic education and lectures no longer fit. Residents want to learn how the past influences the present and how creative thinking skills can help us solve complex problems. A lifelong learning program is a foundation for building a healthier quality of life. Changes in our behavior happen because we have learned new information.

First, residents want new and fresh programming.

Second, residents and staff want to learn new things and create a healthier lifestyle NOW.
Third, residents and staff want to engage with the experts. They want to ask questions and join discussions in real time.

Better Brain Health through
Lifelong Learning™:

1. The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

  • Lifelong learning builds cognitive reserve
  • Lifelong learning slows cognitive decline
  • Lifelong learning creates a sense of focus, purpose and meaning
  • Lifelong learning improves our overall health

2. Themed Topics

  • Every month supports a different theme which enriches the learning experience.
  • Three lifelong learning classes and one better brain health class provide enjoyable and important cognitive stimulation.
  • Participants belong to the classes-their engagement and interaction with their peers is life-changing.
  • Participants can participate in large and small group discussions, experience creative thinking, and challenge their brains.
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3. “Plan de Vida.”

  • Encouraging participants to plan for each day builds a sense of focus, purpose, and meaning.
  • Successful engagement and learning contribute to healthy feelings and affect chemicals that protect our brains from dementia.
  • Tangled synapses? No problem, we’ll create new ones. Learning and interaction with others must be deliberate and done every day.



Led By The Experts

In this program, residents and staff learn together.
We've done the research and built a foundation of lifelong learning & better brain health built on the 21st Century that can last for years.


We work with senior living organizations to create, implement and sustain 21st-century programming for all residents. The ever-changing and technical nature of today's programming has increasingly caused organizations to struggle to stay competitive. Our team of specialists understands teaching, learning, and presenting and how all of these things fit together to meet the needs of staff, residents, and their families so that everyone feels valued, loved, and connected.
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Jennifer Clancy, MA, BA

Co-Founder & Director of ALLE Learning

Jennifer Clancy, MA, BA, is the Co-Founder & Director of ALLE Learning. Her background spans the fields of education, business, and technology. Since 2012 she has worked closely with senior living communities, adult day clubs, and national and state-level associations to develop 21st Century programming that meets the needs of residents, staff, and families.

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Jan Christensen, MA, BA

Co-Founder & Director of ALLE Learning

Jan Christensen, MA, BA, is the Co-Founder & Director of ALLE Learning. She has extensive experience in the field of education with decades of working with Art & Cultural Museums developing student programming and community outreach programs. Her knowledge and interest in art, music, and literature contribute to the success of ALLE Learning.

Become a Successful Aging Expert

Implement a Lifelong Learning & Better Brain Health Program for Your Residents

Let us help you establish a sustainable and affordable enrichment program for your community. We offer materials, consulting, and ongoing support for your staff. Over the past ten years, we have created lifelong learning programs for communities across the USA.