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Better Brain Health through Lifelong Learning Programs

Our modern world is changing quickly. New technologies and innovations challenge us to remain flexible and open to new things. Implementing programs that consistently and deliberately place learning front and center elevates & encourages residents, staff, and the entire community.

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People love to learn, be challenged, and experience & celebrate personal growth. Studies have proven that 100% of older adults consider themselves lifelong learners. New residents are anxious to learn NOW, not next year!

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ALLE Why we are different

Why we are different

Ten years ago, ALLE Learning launched a new type of programming for senior living communities. At that time, the concept of “Lifelong Learning” was reserved for independent living residents willing to attend a lecture.

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Implement a Lifelong Learning & Better Brain Health Program for Your Residents

Let us help you establish a sustainable and affordable enrichment program for your community. We offer materials, consulting, and ongoing support for your staff. Over the past ten years, we have created lifelong learning programs for communities across the USA.

Tools for Success. Twelve months, four classes each month, of lifelong learning and brain health classes. Each class includes a detailed lesson plan with five-ten enriching activities, a colorful and engaging PowerPoint slide deck, and a script or narration for the facilitator.

Remarkable Results. Communities become stronger. Residents engage and interact at levels not seen before. They become curious, and as their passion for learning rises to the surface, they become more optimistic about daily life.

New and Novel Information. Learning new and novel information is good for our brains, and it is also good for our souls. Research has shown that lifelong learners are happier and healthier and live longer. We all have the need to feel valued, loved, and connected. Bringing past experiences into the present helps us understand the modern-day world and celebrate lives well lived.

Staff is Empowered. Staff and residents learn together, simultaneously. Learning together creates positive, even amazing, changes in how we approach our daily lives. We’ve done the research and developed multiple ways for participants to learn together. We’ve made it easy to facilitate classes and provide residents with new and fresh programming.

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