Lifelong learners are those who find opportunities – both formally and informally – to continue growing their knowledge base at all stages of life. Lifelong learning is directly linked to healthy and fulfilled lives. At ALLE Learning™ we have firsthand experience with how lifelong learners are also wonderful at sharing their life experiences and imparting knowledge to others.

Residents at a senior living community in Arizona recently completed a three-part class on the Works Progress Administration, a program developed during the Great Depression to create public works projects that employed millions of unemployed people. Their enthusiasm for recalling what they knew about the WPA and learning more about this historical program was incredible.

One resident, in particular, made an amazing and historic contribution to the class. Using a website resource, “The Living New Deal” website, Bob P. discovered that the skating rink built in his hometown of Thief River Falls, MN had not been identified in the WPA archives. Since Bob’s son was still living in the area he asked him to take photos of the WPA plaque which was near the front door of the skating rink. The photos and Bob’s firsthand account of the rink were submitted to the website and accepted by The Living New Deal National Project for inclusion in their archives.

The following weeks were spent working with residents to identify WPA sites in their hometowns. ALLE Learning™ staff verified the sites were in the national database and prepared a display of their photos, stories, and memorabilia for the entire community to enjoy. The residents hosted several “Walk & Talk” events where they were available to talk about their personal experiences with the WPA and share them with fellow residents, staff, and family members.

So, we rest our case. Lifelong learning is about creating an environment where seniors both learn and share their experiences.

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