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ALLE Learning™ and The Virtual Brain Health Center™ have formed a new partnership built for the 21st Century. Our new partnership includes monthly LIVE session classes presented by the experts! We know people love learning new and novel information and making sense of the modern-day world by reflecting on past life experiences. Residents in senior living communities from all over the US want to know what they can do to live healthier and more cognitively challenging lives. Based on the past twenty years of brain health research, we know much about what we can do to help them achieve their goals.

Engaging in formal learning opportunities with industry experts creates a new program that meets three significant needs of every community:

  1. Engaging residents in new and fresh programming and creating a community-wide foundation for their wellbeing and longevity increases participation and positive experiences that help build a stronger community.
  2. Staff and residents have opportunities to learn new things together simultaneously. Staff will no longer need to download class materials and prepare to present the classes. We'll do that for you.
  3. Staff and residents will engage with the experts, ask questions, get answers and enjoy a lively discussion in real-time.

Learning is a process. We know that people love to learn, and they love to grow. Simplistic activities and brain games do not move the needle-we need to provide today's and tomorrow's residents with continuous learning opportunities.

According to, research has shown that learning can help reduce cognitive decline due to aging and help improve memory functioning over time. Learning something new keeps the brain active, which is important as we age. Acquiring knowledge about new topics or learning and practicing new skills is a fantastic way to maintain cognitive functions and keep the mind sharp. 

Our partnership created a consistent, sustainable, and affordable way for senior adult living communities to provide their residents with LIVE sessions, led by the experts, on better brain health and understanding how that relates to our daily living. Purposefully exercising our brain improves our ability to pay attention, improve concentration, preserve memory, and solve complex problems.

Who are the experts? We have assembled a team of professionals dedicated to enabling senior adults to learn new and novel things while recalling & reflecting on their past life experiences. Information is delivered via a LIVE Lifelong Learning format online using Zoom.

The ALLE Learning + Virtual Brain Health Program Includes:

  • LIVE Sessions each month
  • Industry experts facilitate the LIVE Sessions
    • Questions can be asked and discussed during the LIVE Session
    • Residents & staff learn together
  • Class topics are aligned to support the monthly Lifelong Learning & Better Brain Health theme
  • An annual calendar listing all LIVE sessions. Your residents can plan on an enriching and engaging curriculum for a full twelve months & longer.
  • Each LIVE Session can be used for all residents: independent living and assisted living - remember, we love to learn.
  • Membership includes the ability to download Lifelong Learning class materials to use with other groups on your campus.

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