Implement Highly Enjoyable programs

Making a Difference

ALLE Learning provides lifelong learning classes that are presented on-site or on-campus where senior adults live or visit. Our program enables communities to implement a consistent, sustainable and highly enjoyable lifelong learning program for all residents.
  1. Engagement. Research has shown that providing opportunities for daily engagement yields happier residents.
  2. Interaction. Classes are led by staff or volunteers, not by watching a DVD but with a facilitator in a real class setting.
  3. Connection. Strong feelings of belonging and having a purpose improve quality-of-life, self-worth, and confidence.

“This has opened my eyes to a world of knowledge least expected at this time of my life.”

“We were struggling to find programming that increased resident participation. Then we found ALLE Learning. Now we offer three classes per week to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.”

“The ALLE Learning program has changed my life. I’ve lived in this community for eight years but it wasn’t until I started attending lifelong learning classes that I really got to know the other residents.”

Become a Successful Aging Expert

Implement a Lifelong Learning Program for Your Residents

Let us help you establish a sustainable and affordable learning program for your community. We offer materials, consulting and training for your staff.