Jazz up Summer Programming!

  • April 25, 2018

music notes, old folk song (no trademark or copyright at all)

Are you looking for a way to inspire participation in summer programming? How about “summer school” or “summer camp?” While the idea of summer school is not always at the top of a student’s list of things to do, for senior adults it is a great way to learn or experience new things in a short period of time.
Selecting a theme keeps the concept connected. Three months of music, or inventors, a special decade, or national parks provides an opportunity to expand a topic and keep each month tied to the next. Here is an excellent outline for the theme “music;” four events per month will contribute to an exciting summer.

The Magic of Music

Month 1: Classical Music

• ALLE Learning class, “Beethoven”
• Live concert; a classical pianist or guest speaker from a local community college
• Book study, Beethoven’s Hair by Russell Martin
• Film study: In Search of Beethoven (available on YouTube)

Month 2: Jazz

• ALLE Learning class, “All That Jazz”
• Live concert; a Jazz group
• Book study, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
• Film study: The Jazz Singer or Lady Sings the Blues

Month 3: Rock and Roll

• ALLE Learning class, “The 1950s, Rock around the Clock”
• Live concert; rock and roll musical group or singers
• Book Study: We Would Have Played for Nothing: Baseball Stars of the 1950s & 1960s, by Vincent Fay
• Film study: The Prize Winner of Ft. Defiance, Ohio

If you are interested in outlines for other great summer school topics send an email to Jennifer@alle-learning.com and we will send you other options.