ICYMI DIY Lifelong Learning

  • February 22, 2018

“Limited budgets,” “diverse residents,” and “not enough time to prepare;” these are the most common concerns we hear from senior adult communities or senior day centers that have yet to implement a lifelong learning program for their residents. In case you missed it we solve all three of those problems for you. I know that social media experts tell us not to sell our products through a blog article so instead I will sell you on the benefits of a repeatable and sustainable lifelong learning program, led on-site for your residents, no matter whose program you use.

1. A lifelong learning program reduces isolation. Isolation leads to loneliness and depression. Participation on the other hand leads to stronger connections and a greater sense of belonging.
2. A lifelong learning program provides opportunities for participation. Residents can freely express their point-of-view and contribute their knowledge and past experiences.
3. A lifelong learning program offers diverse programming or in other words, something for everyone. Topics should be different each week providing options for residents and members to attend.
4. A lifelong learning program needs to mimic the structure of a classroom; it is not about watching a DVD and answering follow-up questions, it is about discussing important points during the class as well as recalling favorite memories.

Lastly, a lifelong learning program empowers staff, volunteers and resident facilitators. Staff, in particular, knows the residents/members better than anyone else. Tailoring a class for a group of men who want to talk about cars or having a small-group-session about a specific artist and suddenly you are offering “person-centered programming.”

Are you still unsure about being the lifelong learning leader at your community or senior day center? Send me an email (Jennifer@alle-learning.com) and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how easy it is for you to get started.